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10 Reasons You Should Choose Ashwood Business Park for your Business

Whether you have a new business that you are just starting up or are looking to relocate your current business,Commercial land for sale in Iowa Ashwood Business Park is the prime location for you. There are 10 reasons why you should choose Ashwood Business Park for your manufacturing, warehouse or office location.

1.  Bypass access - Ashwood Business Park is located on a bypass, so excessive traffic during rush hour won't be an issue. The location was planned out carefully so that your business will be easily accessible.

2.  Airport access - Ashwood Business Park is located near the Arthur N. Neu Municipal Airport which will give your clients and customers easy access to your business. With easy access to the airport, business meetings will be on time and the commute hassle free.

3.  Easy road access - Located at the junction of highway 71 and highway 30, Ashwood Business Park gets a lot of traffic. This exposure will get your business noticed.

4.  Big businesses in the area - There are several big businesses located near Ashwood Business Park such as Farner-Bocken, Pella, and American Home Shield. These well known businesses will draw people to your business.

5.  Ready available utilities - All utilities, including water, sewer and internet are ready to go, eliminating any downtime when locating your business to Ashwood Business Park. These lots are build-ready. There is no waiting to get utilities hooked up or internet access.

6.  Flexible infrastructure plans - The flexible infrastructure plans will let you build to suit your needs. We will work with you when it comes to dividing up the lots. Ashwood Business Park will divide up the lots to suit your business needs.

7.  Great place to live - Carroll, Iowa is a growing town and a great place to raise a family. Ashwood Business Park is located in a beautiful, open part of Carroll. Carroll, Iowa has great schools, sports, drama, and many other cultural interests. Cost of living in Carroll, Iowa is much lower than the national average.

8.  Financial assistance - Iowa's government and the city of Carroll is willing to work with businesses when it comes to financial assistance. Iowa helps businesses locate in the state by offering tax incentives, enterprise zones, and financial incentives. Your expenses will be lower as you grow your business.

9.  State of Iowa GIVF - The Grow Iowa Values Fund (GIVF) is the state's economic development program designed to create high quality jobs through business development and expansion. This includes a variety of business development programs.

10. Planned out carefully - The developers of Ashwood Business Park have planned it out very carefully. This includes beautiful landscaping, convenience to access roads, and even the parking.

Commercial Lots for Sale In Iowa

For all of these reasons, your business will succeed in Ashwood Business Park. Choosing a business location is one of the most important decisions a business owner can make. The developers of Ashwood Business Park took the worry out of most of the planning for your new business. Our goal is to make your new business or existing businesses move a smooth and easy transition. For commercial property for sale in Iowa, look no further than Ashwood Business Park.

Take advantage of Western Iowa's supportive environment that enables businesses to thrive. Many businesses have already taken advantage of Western Iowa's centralized location. Ashwood Business Park in Western, Iowa offers convenient access to all forms of transportation making it a great place to market products both nationally and internationally. Iowa's government works with businesses to ensure their success.

Don't hesitate to contact the developers of Ashwood Business Park and let us answer any questions you have regarding our commercial lots for sale. It will be hard to find a better place to build your business. Contact us today!









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