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Business Location in Carroll IowaMost people are skeptical to the thought of a small town, being so far from a large city or perhaps it's the stereotype we face. Businesses have a particularly hard time moving to small towns, where they might not get as many customers as they want. Small towns have their perks, though, and Carroll is no exception. When you move your business, chances are, you're going to move your family, and your employees as well. Carroll is the perfect place to raise a family. With plenty of parks, schools, and entertainment choices such as Carroll 5 Theatres, the Carroll Rec Center, the Carroll Aquatic Center, and plenty of restaurants, there's never a boring night! We take great pride in our community and in our schools. Our education is top-notch, and many of our students are being offered scholarships for their academics. As for the adults, businesses are teeming here. It's a great place to have a business in a small town, because everyone knows everyone (somehow)! That means that if you get just one customer with friends, you'll be sure they'll pass on the good news to their friends! What's better than that?

New Development in Iowa

Not only do we have great standing businesses and schools already here, we're always looking for something new! If you think you've got something to offer, come on down! We're friendly here (we promise), and we're open to new ideas. We'd love for you to be part of our growing community!

Business Location in Carroll Iowa

Ashwood Business Park couldn't have a better location for, well...businesses! Our bypass allows for super-easy transportation, and that also means that lots of people will be passing your business! It's also located next to some of the biggest businesses already stationed in Carroll (Farner-Bocken, Pella, American Home Shield, etc.), so you'll be sure to attract customers!

Building your business in a business park means that your business will get more exposure. It also is more affordable. Ashwood Business Park has all the utilities up and running plus it is internet ready. Our developers have planned the business park out carefully with beautiful landscaping, spacious parking area, and access road. Our goal is to make your new business start-up go smoothly with little disruption. Once your building is done, your business is ready to go.

Location is a very important part of starting a business. Ashwood Business Park is located at the junction of highway 71 and highway 30 plus it is close to the Carroll airport. Your business will get a lot notice and recognition. Carroll, Iowa is the place to start your new business and Ashwood Business Park is the prime location.

New Development in Iowa

Okay, so we've figured out that Iowa's pretty great. But if you're moving your family and possibly others' families here, then you might want to be in on some of the inside activities that go on here. Some examples include parades, Mardi Gras, Black Friday, seasonal sports, dance recitals, and school plays.

Parades are a pretty big thing in Carroll. We have a few major parades: Band Day Parade, Memorial Day Parade, and a few others mixed in there. The whole town gathers each morning of the parades, bringing kids, candy, bags to catch candy, fold-up chairs, coolers, and blankets to sit down or stand by the streets and watch as the marching bands, floats, cars, fire trucks, and other attractions go by. Some people who are on floats or in cars throw out candy, the marching bands play festive tunes, the fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars blare their sirens, and it's a big hootin' time in Carroll! In all sincerity, though, it is a really fun time and a great way to get out, meet people, and even advertise your business.

Mardi Gras is also a big event in Carroll. Fat Tuesday, some call it. Whatever you say, it's full of great food, great fun, and great laughs. The food is homemade (the best kind), and is endless most places, whether you're looking for spaghetti, entrees, desserts, or just some good drinks, you'll find it (and most likely an abundance of it). Schools hold celebrations, and local places have parties and dinners for families. The kids can make masks and put on fake, temporary, Mardi Gras-themed tattoos, and play games to win small prizes. The adults can sit around tables, chatting, eating, and laughing along with their friends or new people.

Seasonal sports and the dance recitals are a must-do, even if you or your child isn't involved. Sports include football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, swimming, track, cross-country, tennis, and soccer. Games are year-round, and are very cheap to attend. There are always concessions with mouth-watering food, and the games are always friendly and exciting. Dance recital is something the kids who are in dance look forward to every year. Even if you don't have a child involved, you should still go, because it looks amazing on stage, and it can be very impressive and fun to watch. Some dances are tear-jerkers, while others make you want to get up and shake what your momma gave you! Either way, as you can tell, it's very fun.

If you think small towns are dead with no activities, I'll tell you, you've got it wrong. We're always buzzing around, and we love to have a great time! Come on down and enjoy the fun!

Want a simple overview of the town? Here's some great general information:

Population Overview

Population 2000: 10,103
Square miles: 5.69


Male: 4,773
Female: 5,333

Race & Ethnicity

White: 9,961
Black or African American: 18
American Indian or Alaska native: 10
Asian: 52
Some other race: 28
Two or more races: 37
Hispanic or Latino: 58

Hospitals in Carroll:

Public high schools in Carroll:

Private high schools in Carroll:

Public elementary / middle schools in Carroll:

Private elementary / middle schools in Carroll:

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